Jessica D.

I have a son that is almost one year old. The Intellectual Infant videos allow me to put him in the walker with the laptop so I can fold laundry, cleanup a bit and start dinner. He enjoys and focuses on the video and I like that the early education will propel him throughout life

Rico Coletta

Intellectual Infant has been a fantastic experience for my family. Eden (4) and Vita (2) are both captivated by the simple and educational images. My wife Lauren and I love the ability for the kids to watch this program on our iphones so that anytime the girls can watch and most importantly, learn! We value an early start on education and we believe using Intellectual Infant gives our girls and future baby on the way a great opportunity to absorb learning in a easy, simple, and fun capacity.

Tessa S.

My two kids love to watch the Intellectual Infant videos. They say and spell the words right along with them!

Liz H.

My children are ages 5, 3, and 1 year old. My kids love sitting and watching the videos. My 5 & 3 year olds will sit and repeat the words, letters, and numbers. It keeps the attention of my 1 year old the entire time. I have all 3 segments and I think they all are great.